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Feelgood Thursday- Taking a different view of Little Horton

When we walk around our local area, most of the time we do it with tunnel vision, we are simply going from A to B. Today we decided to take a different view and took our camera phones out looking for beauty in our area. We took a circular route from the West End Centre in St Oswald's Church, along Southfield Road, down Bailey Wells, along Thornton Lane, Up Christopher terrace, to Little Horton lane and back onto Southfield Road. I think its safe to say it opened all our eyes to the surprising charm of our neighbourhood.

There are some beautiful buildings, features, gardens and wildflowers, but what pleased us most was the friendliness of the people, curious as to what we were up to- we were even welcomed in to view someone's back garden- a real suburban oasis!

There was an abundance of fruit and vegetables around too, Pear, apple and plum trees, grape vines, potatoes growing in builders bags, wild cherries and berries amongst much more.

So a nice walk, chat, a couple of our five a day picked and eaten en route, and a lift to our spirits. It definitely fit the feelgood Thursday theme.

If you would like to join our Feelgood Thursday group, it runs every Thursday at the West End Centre from 9.45-11.15.

Here is a small selection of the photos we took


Professional Photography by Phill Jackson

Rubbish photography by the staff!

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