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Beautiful BD5 Project

As part of the community we love our local area, so we are getting ready to give her a bit of Spring clean ready for the summer.

We have taken part in this project for the last couple of years and helped with litter picking and gardening trying to make BD5 a brighter place. This time we are doing things a little bit differently, with a bit guerrilla gardening. We are looking for areas within the local community that look worn down or unused and planning to cover them in wildflowers, Dan’s already getting the seedlings going.

At the end of last year we started planting daffodils and crocuses ready for the spring and they are just poking their heads through now, cheering us up thinking of spring after all this horrible weather we are having.

If you have any ideas of land near to the centre we could brighten up or would love to get involved either pop into the centre for a chat or just send us an email, the more the merrier, help make Bradford beautiful again.

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