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Planting seeds and growing ideas.

Its been a busy old morning here at the Centre. The guys from our Grow for Health and Wealth allotment have been in planting onion sets and generally making a mess! They learned about planting and also practised using the internet to find information on horticulture.

Today is 'time to talk' day so in our depression support group' Friends in Need 'we have been discussing attitudes towards mental health issues. The group came up with some ideas for dealing with people with depression and a few ways to look after yourself if you are struggling.

  • Don't say: 'Pull yourself together' or 'you have nothing to be depressed about'or 'cheer up it might never happen' .

  • Don't pretend it's not a problem.

  • Don't be scared of me or treat me differently.

  • Do listen and empathise.

  • Do try to understand.

  • Do be gentle with me

  • Do support me to do things, eg going out for a walk or going to appointments.

And if you are suffering with depression here are their tips:

  • Remember there is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Seek help- there are places that can help. Start with your GP

  • Talk to other people who have personal experience of living with depression.

  • Be kind to yourself.

  • Don't isolate yourself, ring a friend, join an internet chat group, support group or find activities in your community that interest you.

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